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I will be present at Lucca Comics & Games 2014 all four days.
For those of you who will go, too, see you there.

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Hope Without Redemption

Chapter 1 : After the Storm

Humiliated. Neglected. Prisoner.

That's where fate had led him. How had he arrived at that point?

They had just moved him into what, for sure, would be his new resettlement. A hand tore with violence the black hood in which his head had been shoved into by force – and that was tightened till it almost choked him – as soon as he got in the transport van meant to escort him to his final destination. He staggered in the darkness for a moment, then all of a sudden he fell heavily to the ground.

The insistent drip down the wall behind which his body was laying made him regain consciousness. With great effort, he forced himself to open his eyes to face again the harsh reality and understand where they had locked him up this time. The first attempt to move, though, made him realize that he was tied, in addition to being chained, up to almost prevent him from breathing.

Everything ached: every muscle he strained, every breath of air that filled his lungs, was causing excruciating pangs.

He tried to see what was restraining him better, although the cell in which they had thrown him was almost completely shrouded in darkness. The only ray of light was coming from the slit in the rotten wood door; he tried to crawl towards it. Drops of sweat beaded his forehead from the exertion and suffering the movement was wreaking.

Panting, he examined his body. Bandages. He was wrapped in large white bandages with symbols drawn onto them, that he did not doubt to belong to Crow arts and of which he did well imagine the purpose: seals.

He felt so weak, and his wounds were open and bleeding, a sign that he was healing very slowly, like a normal person. They inhibited the ability to regenerate that the tattoo on his chest gave him, nullified the superhuman strength he possessed. To better keep him under control, to be able to break him.

He rolled toward the farthest wall, bringing himself back in the darkness of that cold and squalid prison. He knew what they wanted from him; since the moment he'd been caught in bed with Lavi. Since the show trial staged at their expense. That was why he didn't say a word, or answer any of the questions he was addressed with. They were demanding Abjuration (2). No, not from him. They would never obtain it from him; he would rather let them kill him like this, depriving him of the skills that they themselves had given him against his very will. Torture did not frighten him.

What scared him, instead, was the thought of what they would do to Lavi, because he wouldn't hold up. Lavi wasn't a real fighter, he couldn't bear the pain the same way he was able to. What would happen to him? Where was he in that very moment? Was he alright?

Kanda bit his lip. All useless questions, he was fully conscious of it, as nobody would provide any answers. Especially since he would never ask. No, he would not give them the satisfaction of seeing him beg to have news of the person who, according to the absurd law of the Church, he was forbidden to love.

They had called them sodomites, forced them out of the bed in which they were sleeping together in the middle of the night, and imprisoned in the Black Order's dungeons waiting on remand. He had been deprived of his dignity and tortured, until they had dragged him in the Council Hall for the trial. He had no doubt that Lavi had been given the same treatment, judging from his condition when he was pushed by force into the room.

They had not defended themselves; what could they say? Komui had spoken in their behalf, failing miserably.

Condemned and separated, that was it; but he knew that the Order could not in any way give up two of the most powerful Exorcists at its service. All this staging was meant to weaken them only to be able to control them again. No, he would not allow it;with him they would not be successful. Never.

Everyone looked at him as if he truly was guilty of something, but he didn't feel guilty at all.

He didn't choose to have those feelings, it just happened. Ignoring them had been in vain and in the end, he had ceded to them all of a sudden, during that mission... on the Ark. Each of the two had believed to have lost the other, and the liberating embrace with which Lavi had managed to almost choke him had proved to be enough to trouble him, to the point of fully overpowering his reticence. He still had no idea who among them had dragged the other again inside that door. He only remembered the amount of passion with which they had kissed, hugged again and then kissed once more, until moyashi's voice had brought them back to reality; the boy had noticed the lone unconscious body on the floor, outside, and started to call out for them.

It was then that he realized how much beyond the point of no return the both of them had come. How useless it was to keep denying it, to resist.

"Tch," escaped his bruised and bleeding lips. He hated feeling helpless, and yet he found himself locked up in there with the sole company of his memories. And he hated to remember, because he realized that memories were all he had left of Lavi, all he had not to lose his mind.

His lips drew in a bitter grin as he tried to straighten up against the wall. He didn't want to sleep, he knew what kind of dreams would visit him.

The door opened with a metallic clang accompanied by a dull creak, and one of the Crow gaolers who surveilled him made his entrance with a tray of food emanating a nauseating smell, and a torch.

"Your meal, sodomite." he said with a grin.

Kanda clenched his jaw. No, he would not let this nonentity provoke him, nor he would give the scumbag the satisfaction of eating the slop he was offering to him with such arrogance. He turned his face toward the stone wall of the cell, the smell of mold and rot was far better.

"Tch." It was the only sound that he allowed his lips to articulate, the tone contemptuous, his usual trademark. The man in front of him raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"We're still very proud, eh?" he mocked Kanda. "Too bad you're no longer the best Exorcist of the Black Order. Eat it, or you'll never see him again." the Crow added with a chuckle.

As much as anger was mounting inside him like a wave of storm, Kanda forced himself to remain impassive. That bastard, how did he dare to bring up Lavi? What did he know about the feelings he had for him? Kanda kept forcing himself to ignore him, and the man went out with a shrug of shoulders, leaving the tray for him on the filthy floor.

The darkness swallowed the cell again as soon as the door was closed. Once more, he found himself alone with his thoughts, those thoughts that persistently recalled a continuum of memories, now become more painful than the wounds inflicted to him. He couldn't sleep and didn't want to stay awake, not when his every painful breath was pressing to murmur Lavi's name. Why had he not been executed? If only he could have died... there was no other way to silence the memories.

He crawled toward the bowl full of smelly slop, considering whether to give in and eat, in the hope of being able to escape from that place. He tried to bend his arms to grab the spoon, but he found out that he couldn't bring it closer to his mouth, tied as he was. A bitter grin contorted his features: no, he'd never eat like a dog. He collapsed on the floor, turning on his back, staring at the ceiling of his prison.

Kanda didn't move a muscle when the gaoler returned to recover the tray, nor say a single word to answer the irreverent question the man addressed him with. He kept staring at the ceiling, as if in a catatonic state, so that the young Crow's face darkened, leaving sarcasm aside to let glimpse a shadow of concern.

Kanda did not care; the bastard could say what he wanted, he would not listen.

"The prisoner is lying on the ground, motionless. Doesn't respond to stimuli." he heard the man tell someone, after he was hit by his boot.

Immediately after, the cell was dark again. How long had he stared at that blot up there, on the wall of his prison? How many hours had passed? How many days, since he had been locked up in there? He had tried to keep track of the hours, but it proved to be useless; the pain, the memories, the anguished dreams that haunted him if he fell asleep had made him lose every temporal reference.

Why couldn't he just stop thinking? The way in which they had been arrested, the disgust in everyone's eyes in finding them tenderly embracing, naked, under those sheets impregnated with the intense smell of sex and sweat, the humiliation of the trial, the desperation of the sentence. Kanda was reliving everything in a continuous loop, to seek refuge in every happy moment spent with Lavi right after. Because, even though he had never admitted to it, what they had become for each other had made him happy, for the first time in his life.

Now he regretted being so terribly stubborn to never show his feelings completely.

"I never told him I loved him," Kanda bitterly complained to himself, tilting his head against the cold stone of the wall behind him. "And it's too late now."

The cell door opened again, slowly this time, projecting a blade of light inside. The figure that stood out in that light, dazzling for his eyes, accustomed to the darkness of the place, seemed familiar to Kanda, but he couldn't make out who it was.

"How are you, Kanda-kun? I came to get you," the man said, beckoning to those beside him to release the prisoner.

Komui? Why was he there? With what authority was he liberating him?

"Why?" Kanda only asked, certain that the other would understand.

"They cannot deprive themselves of you. They just wanted to punish you." Komui replied, with a tone and look so serious that he rarely had seen his face assume. "But they don't trust you anymore; they will supervise you."

They could do whatever they wanted, for what he cared, as long as Lavi had remained with him. Even if he couldn't ever approach him again, it would have been enough that Lavi was there, that he could see him.

"Where is he?" he inquired, and his tone brooked no refusal. Because it was rather pointless now to pretend that he didn't care, after everybody had known, so Kanda had asked, demanded to know.

"Kanda-kun..." Komui's expression became sad, as if he pitied him, and the youth clenched his teeth to keep himself from exploding in a fit of anger. He knew that Komui didn't mean to offend him, but he didn't want his pity. "Lavi... died." The man finally said, his voice cracking with grief.

Kanda's eyes widened slightly at those words, the obvious astonishment that for once clearly showed on his face.

"You lie!" he roared, yanking the chains that were still imprisoning him until his wrists started to bleed.

"I wish it were so, believe me." Komui shook his head, showing himself pained. "We... didn't expect it. He hung himself with his chains."

No, Lavi would never have done it. It couldn't be true, they were lying to keep them apart! It had to be a Bookman's plot to regain control over his rebel apprentice, there was no other explanation.

"I want to see him." Kanda demanded, his dark eyes throwing a silent accusation.

"They haven't even allowed me to." Komui spread his arms in a dejected gesture. "Bookman is now taking care of the burial."

If he was lying, he was really a great actor. The possibility that Komui's words were true hit Kanda like a boulder. What would he have done then? What sense would his life have, if he had to continue bearing it alone?

"I don't give a damn about Bookman!" he hissed angrily. "Take me to Lavi."

At that moment, the figure that had remained in the shadows behind Komui came forward, the clothing revealing it to be part of the special Corp called Crows, known to be reporting directly to the Central Headquarters of the Black Order. She was a petite woman, with very light brown hair put up into a braid and dark eyes, a sharp-featured face and a resolute expression. Might very well be Inspector Link's sister.

"You're in no position to make demands, Kanda." she cut short the whole discussion, and was moving to come toward the youth, clearly meaning to make him follow them by force.

"No." Komui moved an arm to block her way. "All right, you can see him." he promised Kanda, then turned toward the Crow Inspector. "Release him, and let's go." he ordered by decision.

The woman stared at him as if he had suddenly gone mad, crossing arms over her chest and facing him hard-nosed.

"This is not allowed, even if you're the Supervisor." she objected. "It is not advisable to remove the restrictions, it could..."

"Inspector, we have already discussed this." Komui sighed, adjusting his glasses nervously. "You very well see that he is in no condition to do harm to anyone. Leave the chains on his hands and feet, if you please, but take off him those seals."

The woman pursed her lips in an expression of annoyance, forehead frowning. She seemed to reflect upon the Supervisor's words, then she threw a significant look toward the prisoner.

"Hands will suffice." she muttered, getting ready to undo the spell that blocked Kanda's abilities. Once finished, she removed the chains from Kanda's feet and unhooked off the wall the ones that gripped his wrists, motioning him to follow Komui and tagging along as soon as the young man was stable enough on his legs to walk.

After the first row of stairs, Kanda began to recognize the place where he was: he had always been in the European Headquarters tower! That's why they had blindfolded him before making him get off the wagon, so as not to allow him to realize that they had turned back!

So, Lavi, too, had to be brought back there. They had always been so close, and none of them knew it! Maybe if Lavi had been told that he was in the tower, too, he wouldn't... no, Kanda would never believe it until he had seen Lavi's body with his own eyes.

He felt that the wounds were beginning to heal, and he was very hungry. After who knows how many days of fasting he was completely exhausted, but by no means he would bend to the Black Order's will to separate him from Lavi.

Komui made his way to the small cemetery which use one of the many courtyards of the Tower was destined to, where seemed to have gathered several people. As soon as he got closer, Kanda could recognize Lenalee and after her Reever, moyashi, accompanied by his watchdog, Miranda and Marie, Crowley... and before one of the crosses, Bookman.

Hearing other people coming the old scholar turned to see who it was, and immediately his attention was all for him. Meeting his gaze, hard and inflexible, Kanda felt his heart stop, because in that piercing glance he read a confirmation of what he feared most in the world. "See what you've done?" Those rimmed in black eyes were saying. "It's only because of you if Lavi is dead." They were also telling him that he would never be forgiven for that.

Kanda's breath caught in his throat; because he himself could never forgive what he did, instead of offer some harsh reply he bowed his head, and, tightening his lips to keep from screaming, he fell to his knees.

"He should not be here." Bookman said, his voice grim, shifting the focus on Komui.

The latter faced him, moving in front of Kanda, heedless of the fact that all those present were wondering why the youth was allowed to be there.

"Has not he suffered enough?" Komui replied in a weary tone. He had struggled with all his strength to prevent this whole damn affair from ending in tragedy, and failed miserably. Now he just wanted to bring closure to it. "Don't deny him a final farewell, either."

Bookman didn't answer, he just stepped aside, casting a sidelong glance at Kanda that was worth more than a thousand words.

Whatever he wanted to say Kanda knew that it would not be enough to erase his guilt; because if loving Lavi was something significant for him, he was certainly guilty of having caused his death. For such a crime he had no excuses, and would it be possible he'd atone for with his life in that very moment.

He pulled himself to his feet and crossed Bookman, limping to Lavi's grave, his ashen face tense but composed, refusing to give more spectacle of himself than what he already did. Yet his tear-filled eyes once again were betraying him, revealing his desperation.

He bowed his head and put his hands on the gray stone cross, tightening his lips hard enough for them to become a fine line, to prevent them from shaking. Lavi's headband was hanging on the top of the jamb (1); he wanted to touch it, take it away with him, but he restrained himself. He couldn't, however, ignore the fact that there was no name to identify who lied buried there.

He saw with the corner of his eye the old man going away without a backward glance, as if this was only a closed chapter of his damn recordings. Anger mounted in Kanda.

"Why is it anonymous?" he asked accusingly.

Komui came closer, laying a hand on his shoulder, and offering a sympathetic smile. He knew how the youth felt, and couldn't do anything for him.

"Order of Bookman." he said quietly. "I'm sorry."

Sure. Lavi was just a mask, for what purpose dedicate a grave to someone who didn't even exist? The Bookmen didn't have a name, he knew it too well. Despite this, to him that particular Bookman's apprentice would be always and only Lavi.

"Leave me alone" he murmured; the voice left his lips flat, toneless, but it was clear that he was not making a request. He set out a fact. To move him from there they would have to use force, and he would oppose until the last drop of blood in his body had been spilled.

Komui didn't expect those words; he was sure that Kanda, as always, would have pretended not to feel anything, that Lavi's death had no meaning for him. Instead, his suffering was evident, although hidden behind the stoic face and rude manner, and the pretension to be alone on Lavi's tomb could only be a prelude to an extremely out of character act. To Kanda showing his feelings had always been tantamount to an admission of weakness. Now that everyone knew about them though, maybe something had changed.

"Kanda-kun, it's not..." the man started, looking for the most appropriate way to tell him that he just couldn't oblige to this. Not now, while they were supervised by Crows.

Kanda interrupted him before he could finish formulating his objection, the expression clearly forbidding. He didn't care for the consequences, he didn't care about anything now, what else they could do to him, worse than all this?

"Go the hell away. All of you." he hissed, his voice rough and menacing. An order that implicitly promised dire consequences if not obeyed.

Their warder, however, didn't seem intimidated, in fact she came forward with decision, interposing between Komui and Kanda.

"That's out of the question, you are not allowed to..." she reaffirmed, but the look she received as a response made the rest of the sentence die in her throat. She sustained that look, astounded, trying to figure out how this young man could still defend what he had done. How could he have the nerve to publicly display the perverse bond he shared with the dead Exorcist with such arrogance, as if he believed to be a victim and not a sinner.

That silent battle of wills went on for several awkward seconds, then Komui interfered between the two contenders, fearful that they might come to blows.

"Please. It's really not the time or place for jumping at each other's throats." he said, glancing significantly at his protégé.

"Tch." snorted the latter, without diverting his glare from the one who was there to represent those who had destroyed his entire life.

The object of his hatred sneered, shifting focus on the man who had interrupted their exchange of ideas, but didn't stop surveilling him out of the corner of her eye. She wanted to study the reactions provoked by the words she was about to say, Kanda very well knew that.

"He's pretty arrogant for someone just pardoned, Supervisor," she said in a casual tone, as if nothing of what had happened was her concern. "He has not been released to do as he please, there is a mission awaiting us."

'A mission awaiting us.' Kanda weighed the woman's just made statement suspiciously. Did this perhaps mean that he would have had the Crow as a ball and chain all the time? He liked this perspective even less than the fact to have to go back to being an Exorcist, against his will. Alone.

That last consideration caused a fit of trembling to shake his exhausted body so strong to force him to clench his fists and stiffen, to curb such an embarrassing sign of weakness.

"Inspector, please. We have already discussed this, make an effort to understand." Komui replied gravely. "This is just to give the final farewell to a loved one, what harm is there in granting it?" he continued; he saw the woman's eyebrow skeptically rise, and he would have bet that it was for the definition of 'loved one' referred to Lavi, but he didn't comment on the matter. His priority was to ensure that Kanda could have the opportunity to kneel on the tomb of the only person he ever loved, if he wished to, without being judged again. "He won't run away, if that's what you fear. In addition, your departure is not urgent. I will illustrate this mission tomorrow."

An adverse grimace crossed the Inspector's face, who let out a sigh laden with resignation.

"You are more stubborn than him," she said in exasperation. "Fine. He can be alone with..." she made a gesture toward the headstone with her arm, searching for words to describe the situation "the deceased," she finally said "but no more than half an hour. I'll be waiting inside for him to be done."

Kanda gave no sign of consent to the proposed conditions, he simply turned back toward the tomb they said to belong to the only person dear to him, the only one he had ever truly loved.

Komui gave a nod of his head and gestured to those present to move towards the interior of the tower. He waited until everyone obeyed, and the Crow Inspector with him, then he threw a last glance at the youth behind them. Kanda had not turned around; he was keeping his gaze fixed on the headband hanging on the cross, slightly shaken by the wind. His expression was hard and impassive.

Komui shook his head grimly, showing the woman who was with him the way out of the cemetery.

As they had returned into the tower, the woman stood in the hallway adjacent to the graveyard's entrance, inside enough not to be within sight and just as close to the door to be able to guard her 'prisoner'. She leaned her back against the wall, crossing arms over her chest.

"Inspector?" Komui asked, realizing that she didn't slip over to talk. She expected him to keep going, leaving her there, waiting for Kanda.

"Oh, do not mind me, Supervisor" she said with a sly smile, "I will manage. I'll see you later to discuss the details of my stay here."

Komui gave her a suited smile. Just as he feared; as for every good Crow, this inspector, too, had no intention to grant trust to anyone, much less compassion, to the man she had been assigned to. Rules came before all.

"Don't be too strict with Kanda." he commended quietly. She raised an eyebrow. "It's an ugly moment to face up to him, make an effort to..."

"To understand; you have already said it." the woman concluded in his place.

Komui didn't really expect her to, but it was worth a try.

"Inspector." he greeted, preparing to return to his duties, but it seemed that she was not yet satisfied, because she called him back.

"By the way, Supervisor, don't you think that it is inappropriate to bury a suicide in a Christian cemetery?" she asked point-blank.

Komui dropped his shoulders, dejected; he had to expect this, the rules, the rules again. Couldn't they think of anything else at all? He half-turned back.

"Inspector" he said, a hint of bitterness in his voice, "we're leaving this place, I have to remind you. In a few days that will be deconsecrated ground, so I don't see the problem; but if you believe that the other deceased may resent Lavi's presence next to them, you can always arrange for their transfer to the cemetery in the new Headquarters."

"Komui!" the woman called after him, seeing that he was leaving without waiting for her answer. "Contain your sarcasm and take care of closing this affair, instead!"

The man didn't answer, he just give her a wave of his hand as he walked away.

- . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o - . - o -

Final Notes:

(1) The vertical arm a cross is composed of in latin is called 'Stipes', which means jamb.

(2) Abjuration: the act of Abjuration (from the Latin 'ab iurare', renounce an oath) is a document used by the Church at various times by which a person (or group of people) formalizes a statement with his apostasy, that is, the rejection of a previous belief, affiliation or simply of an action he did against God's Law in the Church's eyes. It was usually obtained under torture.

Hope Without Redemption
I know I should be working on the new chapter of my other stories, but given my present situation I needed to shake myself with some pain... you know, a new pain distract you from the others. Or so it's said. Anyway, that's why I started this so angsty story. I hope you will like it :D


I need your help, if any of you can do this for me^^
I'm partecipating to a writing contest whose price is a carnet of long distance bus tickets... but it's not a serious contest.
The winner is not chosen by a jury of experts, but by people's voting you on FB. So, it's the one putting together more friends to vote him\her who wins, not the more skilled one. :(
Which is why I'm writing this plea to all of you to vote my story; here is the link to do it: Baltour
It's Italian, but you just need to locate the story in the list, its title is "La valigia nella neve", select it and click on "Vota".
Usually I don't do such kind of contests where your abilities count nothing, but, given the current no-money situation I'm in, having some free bus ride to cosplay conventions would be REALLY a good thing for me, so, please, vote!
And, if you could get some of your friends to vote it, too, it'll be great :)
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LaviYuu gift by Plum Tea Maniac by Yuu--Kanda
LaviYuu gift by Plum Tea Maniac
A Drawing from Summer Comiket 2013, Tokyo Big Sight
This is a present for me and my Lavi from the famous LaviYuu doujinshi circle "Plum Tea Maniac". The artist drew us cosplaying Lavi and Kanda wearing Japanese traditional Yukata, because she was touched by our behaviour as Lavi and Yuu :D
This means that Plum Tea Maniac owns every right on this drawing, so please don't use it or copy it in any way.

I wanted to post it for last year's LaviYuu day, but, for reasons I won't lose time to explain, I couldn't do it. I hope you will appreciate this drawing, as it's one of the few presents I can offer for 2014 LaviYuu day.


Happy LAVIYUU DAY everyone!

(in Italy it's already over, but as always in some parts of the world it's still 8th July :) )
Hanabi, together - part 1 - by Yuu--Kanda
Hanabi, together - part 1 -
Tokyo, TFT building, 10th August 2013
Finally, after a very long wait, I got the photos from the latest Cosplay Event I've attended in Japan, in August 2013. I'm really happy to have them, and grateful to the photographer who shot at us at TFT Event in Tokyo. Thanks, Saku!
We were on the balcony of the TFT building, the evening in which there was the Hanabi (which means fireworks) for Obon celebration.

This was meant to be for last year's LaviYuu day, but, for reasons I won't lose time to explain, I couldn't post it. I hope you will appreciate this photo, as it's the only present I can offer for 2014 LaviYuu day.


Happy LAVIYUU DAY everyone!

(in Italy it's already over, but as always in some parts of the world it's still 8th July :) )
I will be present at Lucca Comics & Games 2014 all four days.
For those of you who will go, too, see you there.

-- oo -- oo -- oo -- oo --

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